About Us

Sometimes it seems that virtually everyone in the wine business attributes their involvement to their love for wine and winemakers.  We cannot speak for the rest, but for us it is true.

Un Po' Pazzo came into being through a series of chance encounters. An unexpected meeting in the USA with one of Italy’s most famous winemakers. A dinner at his favorite restaurant in Italy (which turned out to be a Michelin 3-star called “The Best Restaurant in the World” by a leading US magazine) and the proprietors' ongoing friendship and willingness to educate one culinarily-deprived attorney. Finally a last minute recommendation to visit a top Piemontese winemaking family, leading to a place in their family and acceptance into the Piemontese community. Even the company name comes from an encounter with the proprietor of another Michelin-starred establishment, who laughingly said that in his business, in order to be great you had to be “un pò pazzo”---a little crazy.

These friendships and others throughout Italy led to introductions to great producers of food and wine.  They are the reason we are able to deal exclusively with people who genuinely care about what they do and do it very well. More importantly, virtually all of our producers are now our friends. We love who they are and what they do, and we treat their products with respect. We have the same respect for our customers. The wine and food business may be controlled by the giants, but this company will always remain quite small, to permit us to deliver what we promise--- the best products and the best service. This is the niche we occupy, and the only reason for the company’s existence. So please remember, while there may be plenty of “good” out there, if you want only the best, you need to be “Un Pò Pazzo.”